‘Super-Mennonite’ Definitively Does Not Save the Day (again)

by The Writer

Below is a rough sketch of the pacifist non-superhero who, not so cleverly, refers to himself as Super-Mennonite (though he is thinking of calling himself, The Marauding Mennonite–thanks, Jeff P. for the phone message).

Just who is this enigmatic ineffectual mystery-man? Is he driven to action by an ever shrinking gene-pool? Why does he have no answer, short of running, to the flurry of fists constantly connecting with his face?

And why is his Achilles’ heel saddle shoes?

We can only hope that the answers to such important questions are forthcoming in the post-secular days to come.

Sketch courtesy of court-martial-artist Zak Upright who was working from a rather pallid description given by self-exiled Mennonite (hmm) Tripp York. Sources suggest that there is absolutely no connection whatsoever between the fake beard, helmet-head wig, cape and glasses with any known living Mennonites. For good reason, we do not trust these sources.